Saturday, December 31, 2011

Paperwork, Syncro Logistics and Presidente Light

It's been a while...We have officially been in the Dominican Republic for 20 days. This photograph is taken in the hallway at the office of Syncro Logistics in Santo Domingo. Syncro is the company in charge of making sure all the proper permits are in place, dealing with customs and making sure our lives are easier throughout the process. The old man and I spend at least 5 hours a day hanging out and waiting for paperwork to clear, signing documents and getting spanish lessons from the secretary Lisette ( who has become a good friend ). At one point we had to go to the Navy to get some type of permit to put Lizzy Belle in the water. They took one look at me in the back seat of the car and said I was not allowed in because of my ear rings, shorts and bandana. Shortly afterwards we convinced them that it would be ok if I just stayed in the back of the car and ducked my head down anytime navy personnel walked by.

All and all, it is taking much longer than we had expected to get Lizzy Belle back from the DR government officials and on her way to the leeward islands. We are running extremely late but are confident that Monday will be the day we get Lizzy Belle back together and get on our way up the coast of the Dominican Republic and into Puerto Rico.

Once I'm sailing again, I feel like I will be much more motivated to update this blog daily. Hang in there friends!

Captain Dave

Sailboat converted to a bathroom at the pub on the pier. Very resourceful thinking.
Cheapest place to buy beer in town. 95 cents a bottle. Also the best place to watch people as they come and go for groceries.
Everywhere we look there are abandoned buildings. I enjoy how mother nature is taking this one back.
Presidente Light! Good stuff!
Boca Chica Beach. There is a lot more to this place than meets the eye. To start the translation for "Boca Chica" is "Mouth Girl"... hahahaha not sure what that is all about.

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