Thursday, November 24, 2011

On her way to the Southern Sun

Hey friends,

First I must apologize for being such a horrible host. I do promise it will get better. I haven't updated purely because I have been continuously getting organized. In the last three weeks my Old Man and I have taken Lizzy Belle back apart, packed up and prepared for shipping. We had three days to get her organized once she was out of the water and that included taking both her masts down, electrical work, wood work, netting, rebuilding her old cradle to face the North Atlantic ( without me this time ), and of course the never ending paperwork involved in shipping a 5 ton boat. I am truly thankful for our family friends! This picture is LB waiting to be strapped down on her flat bed before she was loaded onto the "Mothership" to await her final destination, The Dominican Republic. ETA December 14th. See you there!

Much Luv,

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