Friday, February 17, 2012

RIP Sea Eagle...The only sad day in the Caribbean

Beautiful light on LB's full sails. On our way to Anegada, BVI's.

Anegada is the most Northeastern Island in the BVI's stretching 10 miles long with it's highest point only reaching 28 feet high. The Island is guarded by a reef that is 18 miles long called, "Horseshoe Reef" which has claimed over 300 known wrecks ( not including Lizzy Belle ).

We set out on an early morning cruise. Since the Island is not volcanic and only 28 feet high you cannot see it from our departure point, Virgin Gorda. The weather was super calm but we could see huge squalls on the horizon. I'm not going to lie, I was looking forward to getting fresh water on my face from the rainstorms.
Jess and Evan taking their first squall like champs. Lizzy Belle loves it because it washes all the salt off her decks and sails. All my sailing mentors; Michelle Steven's, Doug Philip and of course Gracie Walker taught me that when you see a squall coming, take your sails down early so you do not have to scramble when it hits you. I dropped the main my friends, we cruised through and happily met a rainbow on the other side. Straight awesomeness.

Love this shot because you can almost see the entire hull of LB and most of her sails. We were cruising at 6.5 knots, NE to Anegada.
Getting used to all the combination of sails LB has to offer. Three sails and two masts give us options.
Evan enjoying the 16 mile cruise.
Jess took the tiller and was learning pretty quickly. I only panicked once... ha
Evan climbed the mast once we were anchored and took this photograph. Shortly afterwards we had an original Lizzy Belle Dance Party. Anyone remember Chester Race week 2011? Yeah, we threw it down again! All the surrounding boats were stopping by to get a closer look.
Straight camping style. I have these camping candle lights and they create an awesome glow once the sun goes down.
Hanging out in Anegada around 7pm. We usually crash around 8:30 each night after long days in the sun but we stayed up this night, watched the stars and all fell asleep at our own pace.
Oh yeah! We bargained for these babies. The price was 45 dollars a piece and we threw down a 20, straight cash. They loved it and so did we.
Remember the Island is only 10 miles long. We max these moped's out at 35/40 miles an hour. We covered everything in three hours...twice. It was a time for sure!
These were Honda Ruckus Bikes. My old man has the same one at home in Mahone Bay. Although ours is camouflage and faster for sure.
Alright, I have to skip ahead. We sailed back from Anegada, and eventually ended up hanging out near Dead Chest Island. Here is the story: Blackbeard marooned 30 of his most mutinous pirates here with only one bottle of rum. The Island has no fresh water. He came back one month later and found them all dead. We all agreed we would have swam the half mile to Peter Island which is right beside it. Not sure what they were thinking.

Evan all geared up to snorkel the RMS Rhone. The Rhone was a Royal Steam Ship which transported cargo between England and the Caribbean. In 1867 the ship was docked off of Peter Island in the BVI's when the barometer dropped. It was October so the Captains were not worried about a hurricane so they figured it was a Northeasterly storm. As they headed over to Road Town, Tortolla a hurricane struck from the south. They powered through and hit the eye of the storm. The crew thought they were in the clear when the second half of the storm hit and washed them up on the rocks of Salt Island. 123 people were killed. We spent the morning snorkelling above her. She had a huge prop which was very easy to point out under water. The water was clear and I could hold my breath long enough to get down to see her up close. Great snorkelling for sure. Everyone was pumped after this snorkel.
Alright, so Jess bought a Fishing Licence and we were gearing up to go until we read the rules. Pretty much with my gear and her licence we need to head off shore to catch the fish I'm looking for. I have had enough offshore sailing for this year. I mentioned to Jess to get a fishing rod and she might have better luck with her licence. Sorry friend. I made a mess of the 100 pound fishing line Kevin Fraser bought before we left Nova Scotia. Evan worked it out for me. It reminded me of Tyler Hill Camp and untangling lines all day at the fishing dock. Those who know what I'm talking about will understand. Hahaha
Awesome breakfast. Omelettes, fresh bread, avocado, oranges and grapes.
Jess hanging out on the main boom. Doug Philip from the Lunenburg Boat Locker (, little promo for you Dougie ) helped me gear up the Lazy Jack's before I left NS. They work awesome dude, thank you!
So... we had to say goodbye to the Sea Eagle ( the dinghy my old man hooked us up with to get back and forth from shore, which I'm sure was expensive...sorry old man ). Anyway, we came home late one evening after enjoying spirit's and fine wine on shore while listening to classical jazz and dressed in our finest only to find the Sea Eagle had been taken ( or I didn't tie her up properly, whoops ). We were outraged and quickly began to reminisce on our past experiences with the Sea Eagle. She wasn't the most sea faring vessel and we now realized we had taken advantage of her with our jokes about her soft bottom and how you could barely row her anywhere in the wind. We find ourselves swimming in and out of shore lately and are always wet ( but never cold, hahahaha, yeah Caribbean warmth ). After and extensive search of the coastline with the local Yacht Club's Boston Whaler we had to give up on her and move on. Luckily for us, the club offered us this double kayak for a case of beer and a bottle of rum. Done deal! Each day we remember the Sea Eagle for what she was and not what we took her for. Good luck Sea Eagle...wherever you are. :( Side note: MaryGwen Stackhouse please help us with a new Sea Eagle my old man didn't look very impressed when I told him...hahahahahaha just kidding! We are searching all the local boatyards for the dirtiest thing we can find.

As for right now, we are back at Soper's Hole and are clearing out of customs to head back to the USVI's. Jess is heading out in a few days and we are about to pick up one of Tyler Hill Camp's finest. Stay tuned my friend's, this guy will surely push the adventure along!

Peace out,
Welsford, Jess and Evan


  1. Amazing dude. I am loving reading about your adventures. Glad Jess could make it down. You going back to camp this summer? Grabbing Clint from Barbados for a ride?

  2. I think Clint moved to Brazil. But yes I am THC bound!