Friday, October 14, 2011

WED OCT 12th 9:00AM
Finished shooting the feature doc and got home in time to eat thanksgiving dinner with my family. Spent Tuesday running around franticly trying to get prepared for the trip because Dave and Rick want to cast off at 2pm today! I finally got my Blue Cross health insurance. ( I lied to Dave and told him I had it weeks ago....) I stuck on my first sea sickness patch and went to the travel clinic where I had my second dose of immunization needles. Now down to Mahone bay to start loading onto the boat.

WED OCT 12th 2:30PM
After franticly preparing all morning, Dave and Rick have called off today's departure because of a storm moving north from Bermuda. We all breathed a sigh of relief, pulled off our sea sickness patches and were thankful for a little more time to get ready.

The space on the boat is tighter than one might think. I thought I would be able to take significantly more stuff on the boat than I had taken on my six week motorcycle trip earlier this summer. I was wrong, Dave saw the pile of stuff I packed and quickly nixed a lot of it. Among the items that did not make the cut were: my skateboard, hiking boots, rock-climbing shoes, several books/magazines, hammock, camping stove and a pelican case of camera accessories. I also cut down the number of socks, hats, t-shirts and pants I had packed. In the end I'm carrying slightly LESS than the amount of stuff I had packed for the bike trip!

THU OCT 13th
Here for your enjoyment is a video tour of the Lizzy Belle:

FRI OCT 14th
This morning we are sitting on the shore in the fog watching the weather and testing our satellite phone and other electronics. Rick is trying to develop a system that might let us post on the blog while at sea! This afternoon will be our final trip to the grocery store as we are plan to depart first thing tomorrow morning.

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  1. Wishing the crew of the Lizzy Belle fair winds and following seas. Adventure well, but I feel I need to say, keep your wits about yah; you're in for a wild, wet, and frigid ride. Enjoy! And remember...Bonamine, it's a life saver!
    Neighbor, Shane